What is the Hades heater - Coming soon 2024

Efficient heating

One thing off-grid solutions aren’t great at is running electrical heating. The heaters are energy intensive, they take a substantial chunk from the batteries just to warm up a small room. That’s challenging during winter when you need heating and sunny days are short.

A great solution to this is diesel heating.

What is the Hades heater - Coming soon 2024

Diesel heating

Diesel heaters have been around for decades but they're mostly used where a fuel tank is readily available such as a boat, lorry or camper van.

We've taken a hard look at them and discovered that they're exceptionally efficient, surprisingly clean and very cost effective.

What is the Hades heater - Coming soon 2024

Why the Hades heater?

We've created an outdoor unit complete with fuel tank that can be hooked up to your room in no time, outputting a cosy 5kW of heat.

All this heating from as little as 8p* an hour.

What is the Hades heater - Coming soon 2024

You're in control

A simple touch screen based on the Ark's Bob character guides you through the heating process.

  • Use the heater just as you would home central heating.
  • Enable frost protection for rooms infrequently used.
  • You can even set humidity controls to prevent condensation.

Bob intelligently calculates how quickly your room cools to maximise your fuel efficiency.'

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What is the Hades heater - Coming soon 2024

Warm up the room

Take a look at the disconnected heater and all it's accessories.

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*Cost of red diesel 80p per litre and electricity 35p/kWh at time of writing (24/4/23). Lowest diesel heater settings (100ml/h) keeps an uninsulated wooden summer house room of 50m³ around 18°C with an outside temperature of 4°C. Highest diesel heater setting uses 340ml/h. Heater tank size is 10 litres. Equivalent electrical energy heating would cost 52p an hour lowest heat setting and £1.75 highest. Diesel heating is SIX times cheaper.