Which Ark do I choose?

Your space

There are currently 2 editions of the Ark, which one you choose will be dependant on what you want to run. Perhaps a bar, summer house, office, workshop, shed, marquee or tiny house.

Any area that may not have access to the electricity grid but has enough space nearby to fit a small solar array is perfect.

Which Ark do I choose?

Sunny side up

Solar panels can be fitted on a roof or mounted on the ground, we provide options for both. They need to face roughly south and be positioned to get sunlight all year around.

There’s provision to charge from the mains, handy if you want to use the Ark as a portable power supply or charge at night when tariff's are low.

The Ark
The Ark

The Ark lends itself to daily usage and has been designed to run a small office all year round, 8 hours a day with occasional weekend use, with this in mind it is also suitable to run and bar area, tiny-home, workshop etc.

It can be added to just about any regularly used living area that demands moderate usage.

Living edition - Coming soon (2024)
The Ark

This provides an introduction to true off-grid living. It’s suitable for a compact home such as a log cabin or “tiny” home. It adds simple electric cooking into the mix along with 24/7 usage.

We are currently collecting data on the beta test unit so that we can provide our customers with real-life data on what this unit
can achieve, in actual British weather conditions.