What do I need to know?

Grid differences

There are a couple of differences between using the plug sockets in your house compared to the ones in the Ark. 

Electricity in your house is effectively infinite, you can use what you want for however long you want. The Ark's primary source of energy comes from the sun which is stored in batteries. That stored energy, whilst substantial, is finite. 

What do I need to know?

Energy aware

The Ark's assistant, Bob will keep track of your usage and advise if the energy you're using is going to be excessive in the long term. He'll help you plan to make sure you've got future power when you need it.

It's also good practice to switch things off you're not using. TV's and laptops on standby can make all the difference in winter when sunlight is limited.

What do I need to know?

Hungry heaters

Some appliances use more energy than others. For instance, a kettle uses a lot but only for a short time, so that's fine. An electric heater uses bucket loads over a longer period and will quickly eat into your energy reserves.

Take a look at our Hades heater that can provide all your heating needs without draining your energy.

Find out more about the Hades

What do I need to know?

Maximum power

The final difference is how much power you can use at once. The Ark can provide a maximum of 3 or 8kW depending on the model. Don't worry, if you try and use more, the mains sockets will shut down for your protection.

Power use accumulates so multiple low power devices can create one large load. Bob will always show you how close you are to maximum power.

To find out which Ark is suitable for you take a look at our selection guide here