What is the 'Ark'?


The Ark series uses batteries, clever electronics and solar panels to provide everything you need to run a room or small building. It's a smart piece of furniture that blends into the surroundings rather than some space-age box that looms on the wall.

What is the 'Ark'?

Easy to use

The core ethos of the Ark revolves around ease of use. We take care of everything, so you don’t have to worry what a volt or a kilowatt is. The onboard assistant, “Bob”, will guide you if anything needs a human touch. It’s simpler than using a mobile phone. 

What is the 'Ark'?


Bob keeps an eye on how you use your energy and predicts sunny weather. He'll let you know if your energy usage isn't sustainable long before the battery runs low. This means there's no sudden surprises at 1% battery power unlike your phone!

What is the 'Ark'?


Everything you need to get your room connected and alive is right under the lid. Even the connections are clearly labelled and easy to connect.

  • Solar connections
  • USB charging
  • Mains power
  • Low voltage lighting
  • Low voltage fridge connector
  • Rio heater connector
  • Accessories power
  • Back up mains charging port

What is the 'Ark'?

Energy saving

The use of low voltage lighting keeps things safe and efficient. We have a range of fittings to suit any room.

We also offer a low voltage fridge to help squeeze the most out of your Ark.

What is the 'Ark'?

Personal power

Generating and storing your own electricty means no more power cuts! Use your office knowing you'll never lose work on your PC because of a power outage.

Keep the lights on whilst your neighbours are in the dark!

What is the 'Ark'?


We have spent years collecting data to make sure the solutions we provide are a realistic proposition all year round. With correctly positioned solar panels and a little common sense you can achieve truly independent power using nothing but the sun.

We’ve run many real life usage scenarios so we can honestly say what the Ark can and can’t do.

To find out what the Ark can do, take a look at our "What do I need to know?" guide here