What is the Ark?

Off-grid generator

The Ark brings electricity to a room or small building that isn't attached to the mains. It uses a battery bank and the sun to produce clean silent power for years to come. It's designed like a piece of furniture to better fit into a living space.

What is the Ark?

Easy to install

No electrician is needed. Everything you need to get up and running is supplied including cabling and solar panels. Our simple instructions take you through the process a step at a time.

What is the Ark?

Simple operation

You don't need to know a thing about batteries or solar panels. Our self-sufficient guide, we call "Bob", will give you all the help you need whilst quietly managing all the technical stuff in the background.

What is the Ark?

Managed power

Bob monitors how much energy you use on a normal day and keeps an eye on the weather. If you need to moderate your energy use due to poor sunlight, Bob will always let you know long before it becomes a problem.

What is the Ark?


The Ark doesn't just provide mains electricty, it comes complete with a whole range of connection options. For optimal effciency there's low voltage outputs for lighting, diesel heating, beer fridge, accessories and USB charging.

What is the Ark?

High quality

The Ark is deisgned and built in the UK. All the parts used are sourced from reputable manufacturers making sure we comply with all the appropriate standards.

We use responsibly sourced materials where possible to make the Ark as environmentally friendly as possible.

To find out which Ark is suitable for you take a look at our selection guide here