Hades heater
Hades heater

Hades heater

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The Hades heater provides a means of heating a room without consuming precious electrical energy. It runs on all variations of diesel which, although doesn't sound very green, is an extremely efficient way of heating with very low emissions. Whilst it's certainly a compromise to our green self-sufficient outlook on life, you do have to be practical about these things.

The simple touch interface uses the familiar Bob character found on all our Ark editions. It allows you to set a fixed temperature, organise a central heating style regime, enable frost protection and keep a cap on dew point humidity. There's a fuel level indicator to make sure you're aware ahead of time when fuel is getting low.

Advanced room profiling monitors how quickly the room cools and heats in order to work out the most efficient way of keeping it warm.

The minimum output is 1.6kW which uses 100ml of diesel an hour, right up to 5kW which is 300ml an hour. As an example, the lowest setting used in a 50m³ wooden summer house maintained a temperature of 18°C when the outside temperature was 4°C. 

It comes with an integrated 10 litre tank which is enough for 100 hours of heat at the lowest setting. The disconnected diesel heater is designed to plug into an Ark but there is an option to buy a simple mains adapter if you don't have one.

  • The Hades heater
  • Integrated 10 litre tank
  • LCD touch screen with Disco energy's Bob interface
  • 2x 10m cables for power and LCD
  • 2x 2.5m 100mm insulated air duct
  • 2x 100mm plastic vents
  • 4x 100mm jubilee clips
  • 100mm hole saw for installing the vents
  • 20 litre jerry can with funnel
  • Easy installation guide
  • Quick start guide
  • The full manual is a PDF download from this site
  • Heat: 1.6kW to 5kW
  • Fuel rate: 100ml/h to 300ml/h
  • Fuel: Red diesel, forecourt diesel and bio-diesel
  • Tank: 10 litre
  • Power: 24V @ 6A on start-up, 1.5A when running.
  • GUI: "Bob" style touch interface
  • Sensors: Indoor/outdoor temperature sensor, humidity sensor
  • Functions: central heating setup, fixed temperature, frost protection and humidty control.
  • Advanced: Room thermal profile analysis
  • With red diesel costing 80p a litre and electricity being 35p kWh, the heater is 6 times cheaper to run than a standard electric heater.
  • Fuel is not supplied but a 20 litre jerry can and funnel is to make it easy for you to fill the heater.
  • Installation requires two 100m holes to be drilled in the summerhouse/outbuilding to mount the "send and return" air ducts vents. Another hole will be required for the power and LCD cabling.

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