Solar - Mounting options
Solar - Mounting options
Solar - Mounting options

Solar - Mounting options

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There are two ways to mount your solar panels, either on a roof or on the ground. We provide three solutions: A simple flat roof mount, a more complex tile roof mount and a ground mount option. Each option will accommodate one panel.
  • A mounting option for one panel
  • Flat roof: 6 piece plastic mount with velcro provided for the panels. These mounts stick down to the roof using silicone adhesive.
  • Tile roof: Railing and clips for one panel.
  • Ground mount: Two "A" frames to support the panel to the correct angle. Ground anchors to keep the frame in place.
  • Tech specs for the mounts
  • Make sure your roof can take the weight of the panels. They weigh in at 25kg each.
  • Panels have a 2m² sail area so make sure you install in light winds and that the ground mount solution is WELL anchored.

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